ProLift Intensively regenerating cream 45+

Night cream

The rich formula of the night cream “saturates” the skin and facilitates the nightly process of skin renewal. Active ingredients are quickly absorbed deep into the skin, reconstructing the structure of the skin damaged with age, strengthen collagen and elastin fibres, thanks to which the skin is firmer and smoother, wrinkles are filled in, and the shape of the face is significantly improved.



Pro-lift vin-4D complex - an innovative Swiss ingredient of the newest generation, based on ice wine extract, provides immediate lifting and long-lasting moisturisation, improves skin density, models the shape of the face.

Ceramides and peptides - fill in wrinkles and restore skin density.

A mix of exotic oils (monoi, marula shea butter) - smoothes, adds firmness and improves elasticity.



  • reduction in area, amount and depth of wrinkles
  • increase in skin density, firmness and elasticity
  • skin becomes smoother and more firm


Capacity: 50 ml