ProLift Lifting cream 45+

for under the eye and on the eyelids

The under-eye cream is a unique combination of active ingredients that provide fantastic effects in the care of the delicate skin around the eyes. Instantly firms and restores the proper density of the skin. Smoothes small wrinkles, effectively fills deep wrinkles. Stimulates micro-circulation, reduces and prevents puffiness. Lightens shadows, reducing dark circles under the eyes. Regenerates and moisturises the skin around the eyes.



Pro-lift vin-4D complex - an innovative Swiss ingredient of the newest generation, based on ice wine extract, provides immediate lifting and long-lasting moisturisation, improves skin density, models the shape of the face.

Phytosqualan – affects the water-lipid stability of the skin, moisturises

Caffeine - regulates micro-circulation, removes signs of fatigue, has an anti-puffiness effect

Dermochlorella (algae) - smoothes wrinkles and lightens dark circles under the eyes.

A mix of exotic oils (monoi, marula shea butter) - smoothes, adds firmness and improves elasticity.



  • filled-in and smoothed wrinkles
  • lightened dark circles and reduced puffiness
  • skin becomes smoother and tighter

Capacity: 15 ml